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O’lavanta – Issimo Homes
O’lavanta – Issimo Homes


Looking to giving your bed a makeover and invest in more visually appealing home linen? Then you should look no further than O’lavanta as we retail one of the highest quality of bed linen by Issimo Homes which is both aesthetically pleasing and of the finest quality.

Issimo Homes is a home textiles brand from Turkey. Their bed set collections for Home Linen reflect on their artistic based themes and their love for fine taste. For Issimo Homes, along with having aesthetically pleasing designs, they also focus on producing premium quality products keeping care of the finest details.

There are a wide range of categories available for Issimo Homes Bed Linen on olavanta.com. Their EXCLUSIVE Collection has a range of Issimo Tencel, Royal Jacquard Satin and their Tailor Made line. If looking for an organic, sustainable option, you could opt for Issimo Tencel. It’s made from a botanical origin fiber which comes from Beech Tree, giving the bedsheet a cool and dry feel. Issimo Royal Jacquard Satin is made from 100% Turkish cotton which makes this line elegant and extremely soft and silky. Their Tailor Made line is also available to satisfy your custom need and taste along with fulfilling your need for exclusivity.

Issimo Homes also has a Satin collection developed especially for long term use, as they have been finished with processes that would help retain the fabrics original color and quality even after being used many times. There is also Issimo Ranforce collection which is made from 100% cotton which comes in unique colors and patterns that would add modest aesthetics to your bedrooms. Issimo Terry Group produces the finest quality material of towels, bathrobes and bathmats.

Issimo Homes also has a lot more waiting for you at O’lavanta stores, located in Al Muzn Mall, Oman, so visit soon!